Here are some reasons why now is the perfect time for air duct cleaning in Vancouver.

Winter is fast approaching, and as the warm weather departs, it takes with it the days of open windows and doors. Winter means shutting our homes up tight to maintain the heat, giving us fewer opportunities for fresh air in our homes.

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Allergy Relief.

Over the course of the day, the air in your home circulates repeatedly through your air ducts. These tight spaces are prone to a buildup of dust, pet fur, dander, bacteria, fungi, and more, meaning that you and your loved ones are being continually exposed to allergens that can result in unnecessary suffering. A proper cleaning of your air ducts may relieve allergy symptoms, making you more comfortable.

Mold in the Air Ducts.

Allergies are bad enough, but mold is even worse. If mold is in your air ducts, then you are likely inhaling spores with every breath. Some types of mold can be dangerous, so it is important to have it removed to safeguard your family’s health. Your immune system can only endure this constant barrage for so long.

Pet Fur.

We all love our pets, but every pet owner knows how their hair can accumulate in every corner of the home. This includes the air ducts. Allowing too much of a buildup can severely impact the performance of your HVAC system. Proper air duct cleaning can lead to greater efficiency.

Unwanted Visitors.

With colder weather on its way, insects and rodents are looking for warm places to stay, and they might settle on your air ducts. These unwelcome house guests can pose health issues by defecating in your air ducts.

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Too Much Dust.

With enough buildup of dust in your ducts, you will eventually begin to see it being emitted back into your home. This is a sure sign that your air ducts are in dire need of cleaning, both for the sake of your air quality and to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Smokers in the Family.

Even a single smoker in your family will contribute to a buildup in your air ducts that can not only smell bad but also add harmful toxins to the air that everyone else is breathing. Make your air safer to breathe with an air duct cleaning.

Less Cleaning.

If you’ve been having to constantly clean because everything is dusty again the day after cleaning, the air ducts could be the real culprit. There may be enough dust in your air ducts that it ends up continually exhausted back into your living space and settling on all those newly cleaned surfaces. Reduce the frequency of your dusting by having your air ducts cleaned.

Save Some Cash.

In some cases where the air ducts are extremely dirty or have gone for many years without a cleaning, the fans of the HVAC could be working extra hard to keep air moving. A good cleaning of the air ducts will allow the fans to work more efficiently, which could result in a reduction of your expenses.

Having your air ducts cleaned offers numerous benefits, from improved air quality to greater system efficiency.

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Before and after duct cleaning

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