Chimney Mortar Repair Services

Brick chimneys are hard to damage. However, over time the mortar between bricks begins to degrade as they are exposed to the natural elements like sun, air, and water. In chimneys these deteriorating or crumbling mortar allows water or moisture to seep in between the bricks, causing them to swell and crack resulting in more damage to the chimney.

What is pointing?

Bricks are typically laid onto a bed of mortar that’s made from several materials, often sand, cement, water and sometimes hydraulic lime. The surface of this mortar is ” pointed ” with a trowel to leave a neat finish. Repointing is a process where the original mortar is removed and a new one is pressed into the brick joints and ” pointed ” over the trowel, working in small sections. Mortar is a thick mixture of sand, water and cement that are used to hold bricks in place.

Why take the help of a professional for chimney re-pointing?

Chimney Repointing is undoubtedly, a smart thing to do as it saves further deterioration of your chimney and hundreds of dollars in the future. It is a tedious, detailed job requiring time and patience . You may find yourself huffing and puffing trying to do it on your own with the end result not being satisfactory after endless hours of labour and material since proper mortar repair is done by first removing the crumbly mortar which can easily go wrong if you remove too much mortar causing further destabilizing of the brickwork.

Chimney repointing before and after images of red brick chimney in Vancouver

Steps involved in chimney re-pointing.

  • Step 1: Removal of the Old Mortar: Repointing is all about getting rid of the old mortar and replacing with the new mortar in brick joints very carefully so that the very structure is not weakened or ruined. To ensure you don’t damage the brick, you can use a cold chisel or handheld grout saw or a hand tool known as a joint raker to tap it out.
  • Step 2: Wet The Wall: Make sure you wet the brick wall well with a hose and let it sit overnight so that the bricks and old mortar are hydrated properly and that they don’t suck the water out of the new mortar the next day.
  • Step 3: Mix The New Mortar: It is important that you use the correct mortar replacement depending on the age of the house and the chimney. This is where the expertise of the professionals of Clean Air Canada can help as it is the backbone of the structure.Make sure the mortar mixes are made in small batches as it hardens quickly.
  • Step 4: Insert The New Mortar: Place some new mortar on a large trowel and then using a pointing trowel, work smaller amounts into the horizontal and vertical gaps between the bricks. Use the flat edge of the trowel to even out your work and scrape off any extra mortar from the face of the brick
  • Step 5: Clean Up: Scrape off any unwanted mortar from the brick face after all the mortar has hardened with a sturdy wire brush, but be sure to use a horizontal sweeping motion so as to not pull the new mortar out of the joints. Make sure the next few days a daily misting is given to the walls to avoid cracking and allowing the mortar to dry slowly.

Chimney repointing mortar replacement in Coquitlam

It is definitely recommended to take the help of professionals to do Chimney repointing as they understand how much mortar to remove at one time and how to gradually remove and replace the mortar without destabilizing the structure entirely. The experts also make sure to blend the colour and appearance of the old bricks or mortar with the surroundings is done efficiently to give it a professional finish, ensuring the home looks it’s best once the repair work is completed. Professionals at Clean Air Canada and Chimney will ensure that the work we execute will not only enhance the beauty, but will remain secure, stable and sound for years to come.

As explained chimney repointing is a very specialized job. To request a free repair inspection and estimate today, please get in touch with our expert professionals catering to businesses and residences at lower mainland, Richmond, Burnaby, Tricity, Mapleridge and Surrey.

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