Comprehensive Air Duct, Vent, and Furnace Cleaning in Pitt Meadows


Air Duct, Vent, and Furnace Cleaning in Pitt Meadows

A critical part of maintaining a healthy indoor environment involves maintaining clean air ducts, vents, and furnaces. With time, these components can accumulate a surprising amount of dust, debris, and other contaminants that will negatively affect air quality and the efficiency of the system. With regular cleaning, you are not only ensuring that your HVAC system works at optimal efficiency but also that the air you breathe is safer and healthier.

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Get Quality Duct, Vent & Furnace Cleaning Services in Pitt Meadows

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Residential & Commercial Clean Air Services

At Clean Air Canada, we offer you a range of cleaning services tailored to your specific needs in Pitt Meadows, including:

We eliminate dust, mold, and other pollutants with our thorough air duct cleaning process, providing you with cleaner air that reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

When your furnace is clean, it functions more efficiently, reducing energy use and increasing its lifespan. A meticulous cleaning of the heat exchanger, blower, and other components will optimize your system’s performance.

Clogged vents decrease the efficiency of your clothes dryer, forcing it to work harder, consuming more energy and posing a fire hazard. Our cleaning services can restore airflow to improve safety and restore efficiency.

Make your home a safe place, don’t overlook your home’s air quality.


Maintaining great indoor air quality is a workplace essential. Contact us, we’ll clean your ducts.

Have your heat pumps ever been cleaned? We help you avoid the negative effects of dust, dirt, debris and moisture.

Does your chimney need to be cleaned? Contact us to get your fully insured chimney cleaning and safety inspection.

We can also clean other area of your home and business heating and ventilation systems. Contact us!


Clean Air Canada for Your Maintenance Needs

Something as important as providing clean air and reducing the risk of fire from blockages should not be trusted to just anyone; turn to the professionals at Clean Air Canada and you can expect the following:


Why Customers Choose Clean Air Canada

When it comes to improving air quality, homeowners and businesses in the lower mainland regions always choose Clean Air Canada, here’s why.

and Certification

Our team of certified expert technicians has the training and knowledge necessary to deliver industry-leading results.

Advanced Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced cleaning techniques, we ensure a thorough removal of dust, debris, and other contaminants from your ducts, vents, and furnace.


Our years of experience of providing HVAC services allows us to work with confidence and quality. Let us go the extra mile to gain your trust!

Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your air ducts, vents, and furnaces in Pitt Meadows offers several benefits. Your entire HVAC system will work more efficiently, reducing your energy costs, and the risk of dryer vent fire will be significantly decreased. Most of all, with HVAC cleaning services, you will be breathing cleaner, healthier air.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Our comprehensive process begins with the initial assessment. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your ducts, vents, and furnace to assess the level of contamination and determine how to proceed. We will then use specialized equipment to remove dust, debris and other pollutants from your system, bringing it back as close as possible to a like-new system. Once the cleaning has been completed, we will follow up with a final inspection and testing to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally and that the air quality has been significantly improved.


Common Questions About Air Duct, Vent, and Furnace Cleaning Answered

What makes professional duct cleaning necessary?

Professional cleaning is required to thoroughly remove all the accumulated dust and debris in your system and improve air quality.

Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years in most cases, though it should be performed more frequently if you have pets, have recently renovated, or suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues.

Yes, energy bills can be reduced thanks to your system working more efficiently.

Furnace cleaning includes cleaning the heat exchanger and blower and performing a thorough inspection of the system.

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What People Say About Clean Air Canada

This company is run how all companies should run, their employees are extremely polite, respectful and clean. I'm extremely satisfied with their vent cleaning service and professionalism. Thank you for providing wonderful customer service and doing the job right.

Karoline Koch

Awesome service, timely, and accurate quote. Overall would recommend to use them! Our heating system works much better now and the air feels cleaner!

Lauren Moore

Really impressed with the service and thoroughness of the technician. More expensive then other vent cleaners I've had, but worth the money and will use again. The Technician was also very friendly, gentle with our older furnace system and great with my kids.

Christina Humphries

The tech was very thorough in cleaning all of the ducts and vents throughout the house as well as the furnace. He was happy to educate me on what he was doing and showing me the before and after of cleaning the ducts and furnace before we fired it up for the heating season. I got two other quotes that came in about the same or slightly higher, and I'm confident in the quality that was provided by Clear Air Canada to be the best based on my business dealing with the tech and their central office for scheduling.

John Molnar