Residential Heat Pump Maintenance in Vancouver


Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

Whether it’s the middle of a long, cold Canadian winter, or noon on a hot summer day, your heat pump can maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your family. To ensure the longevity of your heat pump and keep it working efficiently, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping your heat pump in good working order.

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Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

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Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tasks

Some other tasks performed in the home can also keep your heat pump working at peak efficiency, including:

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Residential Heat Pump Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tasks

When to Call a Professional

Although performing regular maintenance will help keep your heat pump in the best possible condition, there are times when you will need to consult with a professional, such as:

  • Annual Inspection:  An annual inspection by a qualified HVAC technician is an essential part of looking after your heat pump. A professional can spot potential issues before they cause serious trouble and ensure that all components are working as they should.
  • Inadequate Heating or Cooling:  If your heat pump does not provide adequate heating or cooling and your own troubleshooting efforts have come up empty, there may be issues with components such as the compressor or electrical system. Time to call a professional.
  • Strange Odours:  If you detect strange odours coming from your heat pump, there could be a significant issue. Burning odours, for example, might indicate an electrical problem, or that the unit is overheating. If this occurs, turn off the system immediately and call a professional. 
  • Persistent Issues: If your heat pump has persistent issues such as chronic breakdowns, a technician can perform a detailed assessment to find the underlying issues and provide a solution.


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Residential heat pump maintenance is a combination of tasks that can be performed by homeowners and professional inspections and services. By following a regular maintenance schedule and consulting a professional for annual inspections and other issues, you can help ensure that your heat pump serves you efficiently for many years to come while saving energy and minimizing repair costs.



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